Python Program to Create New Pelican Post

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Pelican comes with a nice command line tool pelican-quickstart. It generates a starter project including,,, and other files and directories. The source code file is a nice example on how to create similar programs.

It is not difficult to write a program which generates a new Pelican starter post. The benefit of the program is that it can automatically fill some meta fields. It can also present a list of tags that already used in other posts, and the user can pick one or more tags from the list. In addition, each post will have consistent meta fields. I write the python program for this purpose.

Here is how to run the program.

( george@desktop:~/Desktop/$ python 
Welcome to pelican-post v4.2.0.

This script will help you create a new pelican post.

Please answer the following questions so this script can generate the post.

> Where do you want to save the markdown file? [content/posts] 
> What will be the title of this post? [NEW TITLE] Python Program 
        to Create New Pelican Post
> What will be the slug of this post? [python-program-to-create
> What will be the date/time of the post? [2020-05-02 15:47] 

The program calls Pelican itself to read all existing posts and presents the tags on a list. Before using the program, I usually open the “Tags” page of my blog website to pick one or more tags for the new post. The program can also generate a related_posts meta field if a user chooses to do so. Feel free to copy and modify the program for your own site.

> Tags already used in other posts (choose one or more): 
    1 -> WSGI
    2 -> bash
    3 -> books
    4 -> bootstrap
    5 -> django
    6 -> flask
    7 -> inkscape
    8 -> javascript
    9 -> linux
    10 -> linux mint
    11 -> pelican
    12 -> python
    13 -> software utility
    14 -> traffic engineering
    15 -> ubuntu
    16 -> vim
    17 -> web development
> Choose one or more tags (e.g. 1, 4) 0 to enter new tag(s) 
        [0] 11, 12
> Do you want to add related posts? (y/N) y
> Posts with same tags (choose one or more) 
    1 -> Pelican Related Posts and Translation
    2 -> Print Python Source Code on Paper
    3 -> Pelican Source Code and Plugin
> Choose one or more articles (e.g. 1, 3) 0 to cancel [0] 1
> Add a number for the post (start from 1) [41] 
> Add a short note to yourself for this post? [note to be added] 
        A post about how to create new Pelican post.
> Write the first sentence of the article [This is the 
        first sentence ...] 
Done. Your new post is available at content/posts
( george@desktop:~/Desktop/desktop/$