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Create A Web Page With Often Visited Links

Write a blog post with a collection of web links that I often visit, and continue to update this post. Here is the link to the article A Collection of Web Links.

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Create A 15 Min Timer App

This is a 15 min javascript timer app. It beeps three times at the end of timer, and it disables screensaver. The js code is inside the html page. Here is the link.

Save Email
Python Code to Save Emails in Gmail to PDF

This program uses Al Sweigart’s pyautogui module and it simulates mouse button clicks and keyboard key presses to save emails to PDF. Here is the link to the github repository. This blog post discusses the thought process behind the code.

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Open Calendar Inkscape Extension Python App

This is an Inkscape extension Python Code to generate full size (36” x 24”) one page yearly calendar in Inkscape. The code is available on github. This blog post explains what this app is about. The blog post about Inkscape has instructions on how to install and run Inkscape Extension.