A Collection of Web Links

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This page has a collection of web links that I visit often.

Python Quick Reference

Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python Code - Github Link

Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python - Youtube Video Link

Python Quick Reference by Data School - Excellent Summary

Python Built-ins Worth Learning - Wonderful Resource

Python Books I Love

Automate The Boring Stuff with Python

Think Python

Python Basics Reference

Here are some links on Python basics.

List Methods - in Section 5.1

Dict Methods - Section Mapping Types - dict

String Methods - List of String Methods on Python.org

File IO - Tutorial on dbader.org

Files Chapter - Think Python Book Chapter 14

Regex Module - Regular Expression Basics

Regex Module on Python.org - Official doc

Class Property - Nice property explanation

Class Into - Chapter from A Byte Of Python book

Python Glossary - On Python.com

Python Built-in Functions - On Python.com

Python Intermediate

Those links are for people who already know the Python basics.

Python Logging Howto - Official doc tutorials

Python Context Manager - Tutorial on dbader.org

Python Metaclasses - Meta class intro (realpython.com)

What are Descriptors - Python 201 blog post

Python Descriptors Demystified - Excellent doc

Python Decorators - Guides by Miguel Grinberg

Python Concurrency Intro - Nice intro to Python concurrency article

Python Threading Intro - Excellent realpython.com article

Other Python Resources

Google’s Python Class

Python 3 Module of the Week PyMOTW-3

The Python Tutorial on python.org

Flask Web Framework

Official Flask Tutorial

Official Flask Tutorial Source Code on Github

The Flask Mega-Tutorial by Miguel Grinberg

Flask Web Framework Book Source Code on Github

Flask Extension Flask-Bootstrap Source Code

Flask-Bootstrap still bundles with Bootstrap 3.X. Use Flask-BS4 instead. (4/4/2020)

Flask Extension Flask-BS4 Source Code

Flask Extension Flask-Moment Source Code

Flask Extension Flask-SQLAlchemy Documentaion

Flask Extension Flask-Migrate Documentation

Flask Extension Flask-Mail Documentation

Flask Extension Flask-Login Documentation

Flask Tutorial by Corey Schafer on Youtube

Flask Tutorial by Corey Schafer Source Code

Flask Intermediate

Getting Started with WSGI - Best WSGI writing by Armin Ronacher

App and Request Contexts Basics - Patrick Kennedy’s excellent article

Flask Contexts Advanced - Detailed and advanced article

Javascript Language

The Modern Javascript Tutorial Javascript.info - Best js tutorial

Eloquent Javascript

Javascript Moment (Momentjs) Date and Time Display Library

Tipue Search Tool


Front End Web Framework Bootstrap

HTML & CSS Is Hard - Web Book

Mozilla Web Forms Page

Pelican Static Site Generator

Pelican Python Source Code repo

Pelican Documentation

Full Stack Python Pelican Tutorial

Pelican Resource Links on Full Stack Python

Python Markdown Documentation

Markdown and RST Reference

Markdown Cheatsheet on Github

Markdown Basic Syntax on Markdownguid.com

reStructuredText Documentation

reStructuredText Cheatsheet on Github

Sphinx - Python Documentation Generator

reStructuredText Tutorial on devdungeon.com

docutils Documentation on readthedocs.io


SQLAlchemy Documentation

MySql Tutorial Website

Git and Github

An Intro to Git and Github for Beginners (Tutorial) by Meghan Nelson

Intro to Git and Github for Python Developers on Realpython.com

A Visual Git Reference

Git Tutorial Youtube Video by Corey Schafer

Git Command Reference on git-scm.com

Pro Git Book on git-scm.com


Docker Curriculum - Very nice Docker tutorial.

Date and Time

For a Good Strftime

Python datetime Module in PyMOTW-3


Google Input Tools

Nice wallpapers from bluesky.com