HTML, CSS, and Others

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This post is an update on what I am working on.

CSS Books

I recently re-read the online book HTML/CSS Is Hard which is an excellent resource to learn CSS. Jon Duckett’s Web Design with HTML and CSS book is a good introductory book, but it does not cover advanced CSS features. This online book covers these topics very well. The illustrations in the book are wonderful.

I also read another CSS book CSS In Depth by Keith Grant which is also an excellent book. The basic rules of CSS are straightforward, but it is not easy to layout a nice webpage for both mobile devices and desktops. This book discusses many advanced topics in CSS.

Wget to Download Website

I searched and found an online article Q/A post “How can I download an entire website”. The post has an answer which shows how to download a website to local hard drive with Linux command line tool wget. The command is shown below:

wget -m -p -E -k
  • -m : --mirror recursion and time stamping
  • -p : all images
  • -E : adjust extension
  • -k : convert links for local file

I tested the command on and it worked well.

This GNU Wget manual web page lists other recursive options. If you want to retrieval one level down, you can use options -r -l 1 instead of option -m.

VS Code

Vim has been my main text editor for some time. But it is not ideal for coding HTML/CSS webpages. VS code installed in Linux Mint works very well. It also has Emmet auto completion built in. It makes coding HTML/CSS much easier and faster. Youtube has a nice tutorial on how to use Emmet.

The other nice feature of VS Code is that it is easy to install plugins. I installed Live Server Addon plugin with a few mouse clicks. It takes efforts to make plugins work in vim.

Inkscape 1.0 Beta Testing

Inkscape 1.0 Beta is out. I test it out in Windows and it crashes often. It is not ready for production work yet. The built in Python system has been upgraded to 3.7, which is long overdue. One plugin I wrote (Draw Sign Arrow) for Inkscape 0.9.2 works fine in Inkscape 1.0 beta without any changes.

I plan to upgrade all my Inkscape python programs to 3.7 in near future.