Python IO Module

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The previous three modules logging, unittest, and http all import a low level module io and use classes in the io module. So I decide to take a close look at the io module. Unfortunately there aren’t many documents available for the module.

The standard library documentation page for the module is not written in a tutorial style and it does not include many examples on how to use the classes.

io module documentation

The Python 3 Module of the Week has a short page for the module, which has three good examples.

io module on PyMOTW-3

The source code of the only has 99 lines. which is a wrapper for the low level built-in C module _io. This stack overflow answer explains how the source code is organized. Unfortunately I don’t want to read the C code at this moment, so I really don’t have much to discuss in this post. Hopefully I could add more to this post in the future when I read the C source code or discover some good resources on this topic.