Timer App

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Sometimes I like to time myself to finish a task in a certain amount of time like 15 minutes. I can concentrate on the task more when I work under a short duration timer.

I try to find a simple timer. This post records the process.

The first thing I try is a kitchen timer. I order a popular one on Amazon and it is delivered the next day. It works well, but it has a major flaw. The beeping noise level is way too high. The timer is designed for a noisy kitchen environment.

kitchen timer

I try to find a timer app written in Python, and I can modify it to suite my own needs. This github page lists 14 countdown timers. I test a few of them and none works
well. The app is either too ugly or it needs additional dependencies. Python is not a good choice for GUI apps.

So I go back to Google and search “Online Timer”. It turns out that Google itself has a basic timer function. It is good but it does not have a beeping reminder at the end. The website timeanddate.com has a very nice timer which is the one I am using now.

google timer
timeanddate timer

Those two online timers are probably written in javascript. This shows why javascript becomes so popular nowadays. The app is very easy to use and no installation is required.