Tipue Search for Pelican Web Site

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Pelican has a very nice documentation site. However Pelican itself is not the tool that generates the site, instead it is created with the Sphinx python documentation tool. The site has a nice search function. I wonder how to add such a search feature to a static site.

A little online research reveals that Pelican plugin github repo has a tipue-search plugin. The Tipue Search tool itself has a nice website and documentation. I spend a few hours reading the documentation and try to figure out how this tool works.

The tipue-search Pelican plugin creates a js file tipuesearch_content.js which defines a js variable tipuesearch. The variable is assigned a large js object containing all search data. The plugin uses BeautifulSoup to parse html title and content of posts and pages generated in Pelican. The size of the file tipuesearch_content.js obviously depends on the number of pages on a website. The 41 posts on this site result in a 144 KB js file.

The Tipue Search tool is mainly a js program. The web page will download the tipuesearch_content.js file first, and Tipue Search tool will search the data and present the results on the page. The package also includes a nice CSS file which formats the search box and search results. Below are the steps on how to setup the tool for a blog site like this one.

  • Install BeautifulSoup in python virtual environment. Copy tipue_search directory ( include three files __init__.py, README.rst, and tipue_search.py) to the plugin subdirectory under project directory.
  • Revise one line and add one additional line of code in pelicanconf.py. Pelican will load the plugin and generate the tipuesearch_content.js file in output directory.
PLUGIN_PATHS = ['plugin/', ]
PLUGINS=['related_posts', 'tipue_search']
DIRECT_TEMPLATES = ['index', 'tags', 'categories', 
    'authors', 'archives', 'search']
  • Add a search.html file to the theme templates directory (see file on github repo). The contents of this file is very similar to the demo page of Tipue Search. I also adjusted a few lines of code in base.html to fit the needs of this new search.html file. Pelican will automatically generate a corresponding search.html in output directory.
  • Copy Tipue Search tool directory tipuesearch (including 4 js files and 1 css file) to theme static directory. Pelican will automatically copy them to theme/tipuesearch under output directory during site generation.
  • Add a link on the Articles page and Tags page which will open the search.html page.

If you want to try out the Tipue Search tool, click the link here.

After adding the tipue search to this blog site, I find the search function is really convenient even for a small blog site like this. I use it all the time to find articles I write before. Every web site should provide some kind of search function for users.